Unique Features

The Mosely Infinity will change the way you work.  More efficient, more accurate, more time to spend how you want.  Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If it doesn’t perform to your expectations, simply return and we’ll refund your money.  Take the challenge…

Strong I-Beam Design

Milled from solid aluminium, there’s no other level built like our Mosely. CNC machined to the tightest of tolerances, the craftsmanship and strength is unmatched. An anodize finish further protects this durable design. A true billet level.

Connection System

Our 3 way connection system allows you to connect and scale your levels. From 90 degrees from either face or straight connect to desired length. Connection parts include; aluminium lever, delrin bearing, stainless steel barrel nut and coated steel thumb screw.

Hands Free Holes

With our unique design and hi-tech manufacturing process we are able to do things others can’t. We have strategically placed holes on both faces of our level to allow you to attach to a variety of surfaces for hands free use. 

Fine Adjust Knobs

Use this micro-adjust knob to quickly level your ledger, great for cabinets or tile installation. Designed to catch 16” on center and is made from durable ABS plastic for long life. The knobs are press fit for quick installation and removal. Can also be used to store your carpenters pencil.

End Caps Protection

End caps that can easily be removed to allow the connection of other Mosely levels. Made out of a hard ABS plastic and features rubber ends for anti-shock, anti-slip holding. 

Adjustable Vial System

Our replaceable, adjustable vial system is accurate to industry standard - .0005 per inch. Each vial is digitally set with several quality assurance tests. Job site tough and accurate, but if they become damaged, simply remove, replace and adjust – limiting downtime.

Strong Neodyium Magnets

Each rare earth N48 magnet has 9 lbs of pull strength per magnet, there are two magnets per level giving 18 lbs total. These magnets are press fit with glue to the level body to ensure a long and prosperous holding life. 

Made in the USA

We are proud of the fact that we are making our levels right here at home in the USA. We respect the fine craftsmanship of builders throughout the world. Like yourselves, we take pride in our work.  100% USA made, quality materials = quality product.